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Dr. Art Basu



Psychic Reading

Born gifted with psychic powers, Dr. Basu's experience, expert knowledge, vision and goodwill will help solve your problems. The knowledge you gain can make a positive change in your life. Whether your issue is relationship, money, career or health, Dr. Basu has the answer! Talk to him live.

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Tarot Reading

A tarot card spread has the uncanny ability to reveal our life and life events. Dr. Basu is a master tarot reader who will provide you with an informative reading on all questions.

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Astrology Readings

Wise people cooperate with the stars. And by doing so, they add to their happiness, efficiency and usefulness in the world. Dr. Art Basu learned astrology in the lap of his family elders when quite young. With his scientific background and his knowledge of astrology, Dr. Basu has developed a unique, logical approach to astrology, which appeals to all. He offers the following astrological readings:

    • Natal Chart and Interpretations
      • The natal chart is a map indicating the exact position of the Sun, Moon and the planets in relation to the earth at the time of an individual's birth. Its interpretation reveals your personality traits and potential in all areas of life. Also included are your lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colours and stones.

    • Yearly Forecast
      • A yearly progression chart gives you the exact start and end dates when you will be under the influence of a certain planet. This chart gives you a detailed forecast of the good and bad periods during a certain year.

    • Compatibility Chart and Interpretations
      • This chart is a detailed analysis of the compatibility between you and another individual. You'll receive an accurate report on the percent match between you and your partner in eight vital areas of life, which make up a successful relationship.

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Additional Readings

In adiition to the above, the following accurate readings too are available for your benefit:

    • Past Life Reading
      • A past life reading by Master Psychic Dr. Basu can give you an insight into your present life issues. Your current fears and motivations often arise from a previous life. Your friends and enemies in this life may have played a role in a previous life.

    • Palm Reading
      • The lines of your hand are a mirror of your soul. Through palmistry you get in touch with your higher self. Also get an accurate analysis of your present situation in life and where you are headed in the future.

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